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What to do on the day of your QTS Exam

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If you are preparing to take either of your professional QTS skills tests then the following tips may help. The tips have been collected from those people who have sat the exam and provided feedback.

1. The night before your exam, try to get a good night sleep .

2. On the morning of your exam, wake up nice and early ensuring that you are not rushed. Being rushed can increase stress levels and anxiety which may impact on your performance. Get there early and arrange to have a coffee or something before hand so you are not rushing.

3. Make sure you eat before you set off to your exam. On the day of the exam you may spend hours travelling to the assessment centre before taking your test. You want to avoid having a rumbling tummy in the test itself as you may find it difficult to concentrate if all you can think about is food!

4. Make sure you take the correct documentation with you. The testing centres usually want to see an offer from a testing provider, so make sure you take this with you. You will also need to take some form of ID. You will not require any stationary as the tests are sat online and you will be provided with a small whiteboard and dry wipe pen if you request  it.

5. Take a see through bottle of water with you. Drinking water can help concentrate the mind during tests.

6. Try to stay as relaxed as possible, you can take the tests multiple times so as long as your deadline isn’t looming the pressure should be off on your first attempt.

Remember, before you sit your test you will need to have sufficiently revised and practised. Looking for a free numeracy skills practice test? We offer a free practice test on our website, give it a go today!

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