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What mark should I be aiming for on the numeracy skills test?

What mark should I be aiming for on the numeracy skills test?

The numeracy skills test pass mark is reported to be around 65% which equivalent to 18 out of 25. The pass mark can vary depending on the difficulty of the test but 18 is a good mark to aim for.

The pass mark for the QTS numeracy skills test can vary depending on the difficult of the exam. If people sitting a specific exam find the test easier and score more highly then the pass mark goes up. The converse of this is true, so if the exam is difficult then the pass mark will fall. There are no official statistics to pull from when estimating the pass mark for either qts skills test, but we know from experience of helping many people to pass the numeracy skills test that 18 out of 28 is the mark to aim for.

We have found that the vast majority of people who score 18 or above on our numeracy skills practice tests go on to pass their actual exam first time. If you are preparing for your professional skills tests then browse QTS Maths Tutor today and get access to all of the best qts revision materials to help you pass your numeracy skills test.

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