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What QTS Maths Tutor Has to Offer

QTS Maths Tutor is the home of online numeracy skills test practice and Professional Skills Test practice. Our QTS maths tests are built on the feedback we have received from prospective teachers, qts skills tutors and Maths experts, who collectively have helped to shape our numeracy skills tests in a way that we think makes them the best practice tests available to help get you ready for the professional qts skills test. Try our free numeracy skills practice test today and if you find it useful, you can sign up and get access to 21 practice tests and additional mental arithmetic practice questions to help you pass. Our numerical reasoning tests for the Teach First graduate scheme are the only ones which help prospective teachers to prepare for the professional skills tests. Whether you are in Northern Ireland, Wales or England and looking for professional skills test practise, QTS Maths Tutor can help.

If you are preparing for your professional skills tests and you are struggling to get to the required pass mark or you lack confidence in Maths or English and want some additional support then a specialist QTS skills test tutor could really help. With expert knowledge of the qts numeracy skills test our qts maths tutors are more than GCSE Maths tutors; they know the format of the test inside out and they know what it takes to pass the qts numeracy skills test. Whether you are in Leeds, London or Northern Ireland and preparing for your Teach First numerical reasoning test or are taking your professional QTS Skills Tests,  call us today to book your qts skills test tutor and gain the confidence to pass your qts maths test. Also get in touch if you are seeking help with your English, Science or Maths GCSE equivalency test.

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QTS Maths Tutor is the home of authentic numeracy skills practice tests and high quality QTS Maths tuition, a service dedicated to helping prospective teachers pass their professional numeracy skills test.

What are the QTS Skills Tests?

The Professional Skills Tests are composed of the numeracy skills test and qts literacy skills test. Prospective teachers have to pass the QTS Skills Tests in order to gain entry on to their initial teacher training.

What is the numeracy skills test pass mark? 

The professional numeracy skills pass mark varies depending on the difficulty of the exam but the reported average is around 18 or 63%.

Who has to take the Professional Skills Tests?

Every prospective teacher in England have to take both QTS Skills Tests and pass them within three attempts. Individuals in Wales and Scotland are exempt as the test isn’t required in these respective countries. In England both tests need to be passed in order to gain qualified teacher status. This is the same for Northern Ireland. If you are looking to book your numeracy skills test in Northern Ireland or you are looking for a QTS Maths Tutor in Northern Ireland then contact us today.

Do you help with GCSE Equivalency tests?

Yes we have a dedicated service to help people with their English, Science and Maths GCSE equivalency tests. We can help you to book your test and we even have GCSE equivalency test papers to help you prepare.

How hard are the QTS Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests?

The QTS Professional Skills Tests are set to a similar difficulty as GCSE grade B or the new level 6 but there is a significant difference in format and many often underestimate this. The 18 second time limit after the second repeat of the mental arithmetic questions makes the numeracy skills test tricky and there are tricks to getting through these questions that you will have not learnt at GCSE and a GCSE Maths tutor wouldn’t be aware of. If you are looking for help with either of the QTS Skills Tests then make sure you get a literacy skills and numeracy skills tutor, not GCSE tutors.

What is the format of the professional QTS Maths Test? 

The QTS numeracy skills test is composed of two sections, a mental arithmetic section that requires you to listen to 12 questions, and calculate the answer within 18 seconds of the second repeat of the question. The written section is comprised of on screen graph and data questions. You are permitted to use a calculator in the second part of the qts exam but not the mental arithmetic section. You have a total of 36 minutes to answer questions 13 to 28 which make up the written part of the numeracy skills test. For a more in depth look at the QTS Maths test, visit the numeracy skills test section to help prepare you for the professional qts skills tests.

Do you help people in all areas of the country? 

Yes we help people in all areas of the UK pass their professional qts numeracy skills test. Whether you are looking for numeracy skills practice tests in Northern Ireland or you need a QTS Maths Test tutor in Wales, then we can help.

Can you help people on the Teach First Graduate Training program? 

Yes everyone who wants to train to become a teacher has to pass the professional skills tests so we offer as much help to people on the Teach First program as everyone else. There are other numerical reasoning test providers out there but only QTS Maths Tutor specialises in the qts skills tests and offers expert tuition as well.

Numeracy Skills Tests

How to Pass the Professional Numeracy Skills Test

The QTS numeracy skills test is an exam which requires a lot of practice. Some people look to numeracy skills test books to help them prepare for the text but we think the best way to revise is simply by doing as many online practise tests as you can find. If you still find the content difficult after sitting 4 or 5 tests or if you struggle with Maths and haven’t covered things like fractions and percentages for a while then you may opt for a numeracy skills tutor to help you.

At QTS Maths Tutor we are the only numeracy skills test revision service that offers QTS Maths practice tests, revision materials and numeracy skills test tutors to help get you ready for your professional qts skills tests. You may feel that the practice tests are enough to give you the confidence to pass the numeracy skills exam. You may decide to book a QTS Maths tutor for a few sessions to help you overcome the mental arithmetic section of the test. Whatever numeracy skills support you are looking for QTS Maths Tutor can provide it.

21 QTS Maths Tests

21 Practice Numeracy Skills Tests, to Help You Pass Your Professional Skills Test!

You can practise our tests as many times as you wish. They come with a detailed marking system so you can track your improvement and revise your weaker areas.
21 QTS Maths Tests

The Professional Numeracy Skills Test Detail

How is the QTS Skills Test structured?

The QTS numeracy skills test is composed of two sections, the mental arithmetic section that requires you to listen to 12 questions, and calculate the resulting answer within 18 seconds of the second repeat. The second stage, the written section, is made up of on screen graph and data questions and you have 36 minutes to complete these questions in any order. You are permitted to use a calculator in the second part of the exam but not for the mental arithmetic questions.

How do I book the professional numeracy skills test?

You can book your first numeracy skills test attempt free of charge through PSI , the Department for Education’s selected partner. PSI have testing centres around the country including many in the London area. Bookings for the QTS numeracy skills test can be made all year round at testing centres in most major cities including London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and many more. PSI helpline is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Telephone: 0300 303 9613 Email: [email protected]

Do I need to practice for the QTS numeracy maths test?

The governments own website advises that you practice the numeracy skills test at least just to familiarise yourself with the timings and functionality of the test. QTS Maths Tutor is the leading numeracy skills test practice site for interactive online tests which simulate the real exam. Take a look at our free qts numeracy skills practice test and sign up to access 21 tests, with many more revision aids to help you pass the numeracy skills test. These include model solutions and many mental arithmetic practice questions.

How do I get my numeracy skills test result?

The QTS numeracy skills test is marked by the computer system you take the exam on. At the end of the qts test you will be given a print out of the result by the PSI staff who operate the testing centres. Your teacher training provider can access your results and see what score you achieved and a pass on your numeracy skills test will be required to enter the course and to achieve qualifies teacher status.

What is the pass mark for the qts numeracy test?

The question many people ask is what is the pass mark for the professional numeracy skills test and the answer is it changes depending on the difficulty of the test. From the reports we have had back from students, the average pass mark seems to be around 18. Whilst doing the practice numeracy skills tests we advise that you aim to achieve 20 or more to be confident in passing real exam.

Do you have Numeracy Skills Tutors who can help? 

There are many people who struggle with the numeracy skills test as it is a difficult exam. This is why as well as online qts maths tests we also offer numeracy skills tuition to help people prepare and pass. Our tutors are not just GCSE Maths tutors, they are experienced numeracy skills test tutors who understand the test format inside out and know how to get people through the exam.

Numeracy Skills Test Resources

QTS Numeracy Skills Practise Tests

As part of the QTS Maths Tutor service we offer a free numeracy skills test which can be accessed by visiting the QTS Maths Tests page. We also offer a comprehensive set of revision materials that we feel are better than any type of numeracy skills test book as the questions appear in a very similar online format as the real exam. We also offer 21 of the most authentic practise tests available that really do help you to get your numeracy QTS ready for the real exam. The numeracy skills tests we provide, give you the opportunity to sit an interactive test similar to the one you will sit in the real thing with all the major content covered from area to averages to cumulative frequency curves. Our QTS Numeracy Maths tests have the additional functionality to help you go through the test again, either with a tutor or on your own as the test enables you to skip questions, re-set the test, see the written version of the mental arithmetic questions and much, much more. Take a look at our QTS Maths Tests page, have a go at our free numeracy skills practise test and read our independent Trust Pilot reviews before you decide to sign up.

QTS Maths Tutors | Numeracy Skills Tuition

For some prospective teachers, the qts skills tests provide a real challenge especially the timing aspect and methods required for the numeracy skills test. Arguably the most powerful resource out there is a numeracy skills tutor who specialises in the test. Our tutors are all trained and experienced in helping people pass their numeracy skills test. Although GCSE Maths tutors can certainly help, the methods used in the numeracy skills test are often different to those required for a GCSE Maths exam so whether you choose to use a QTS Maths Tutor from our site or somewhere else, ensure they have experience in helping students to pass.

Numeracy Skills Test Books

If you are looking for a numeracy skills test book then there are many to chose from. The qts skills books are a good introduction to the numeracy skills test but have a limited use when it comes to helping you prepare for the exam as the test format and timing is possibly the most important thing which you can only practice by doing online tests. We provide descriptions of many of the leading numeracy skills book providers which can be accessed via our dedicated page.

Government numeracy skills tests and model solutions

The governments qts numeracy skills tests are free and are a fantastic resource, the only issue is there are only 4 of them which isn’t enough for most people to get fully prepared for their final exam. Sitting the test over and over again is a common mistake that people make as it results in an inflated mark. QTS Maths Tutor offer model solutions for all the governments tests on our YouTube Channel and video solutions page.


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