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Support for QTS interview tests, GCSE equivalency and functional skills maths level 2 exams

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What QTS Maths Tutor Has to Offer

QTS Maths Tutor is the home of PGCE interview preparation and teacher training support to help you get onto a teacher training course and ensure you meet the required level in maths to complete the course. Our maths tests help you to develop the skills required to pass your PGCE maths test and to succeed with the ongoing maths assessments. Try our free PGCE Maths Test today and if you find it useful, you can sign up and get access to 21 practice tests and additional mental arithmetic practice questions to help you pass. If you haven’t a GCSE grade C, or level 4 in maths, English or Science, then we can also help you to prepare for your GCSE equivalency tests in these subjects so that you can gain entry onto a teacher training course. You can register for our testing pack or look to book a tutor through our recommended partner service, The Exam Tutor. Here you will find the tuition support you need for each specific equivalency test.

Additionally, we also prepare people for QTLS applications with our dedicated functional skills level 2 maths support. The functional skills maths support we offer is for those going into teaching but also more generally for those who want to gain a level 2 qualification for any other reason. A grade 4 or C in level 2 maths is needed for progression in every professional and educational pathway. There are a number of GCSE equivalent qualifications that are more popular than the GCSE due to their accessibility with exams running all year round, in addition to the fact that they often have significantly less content to learn. Functional skills maths level 2 is the most popular equivalent we help people with, followed closely by the GCSE maths equivalency test. Outside of teaching the functional skills qualification is accepted everywhere, for teaching it is accepted in QTLS and apprenticeship routes only. All other aspiring teachers will need to take the maths equivalency test.

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QTS Maths Tutor is the home of GCSE maths equivalency tests and functional skills maths level 2 support.

How do I prepare for a PGCE interview ?

You need to tailor your preparation and relate your experiences to the training course you are applying too. You also need to ensure that you have the correct qualifications in terms of GCSE’s or GCSE equivalents. Additionally you need to make sure that you prepare for the maths and English tests that will be given at interview. QTS Maths Tutor will help you with your PGCE maths test and QTS Literacy Tutor with the English test.

What options are there to obtain a level 2 maths qualification? 

The following options detail the level 2 qualifications that you can obtain.

I want to be a Nurse, fireman, other professional – Can I take a functional skills maths level 2 exam?

Yes, more and more people applying to professional courses and uniformed services, are taking the functional skills maths level 2 qualification in order to meet the entry requirements to these professions.

What is the easiest maths test to pass for my course?

This is a common question people ask as they look for the fastest and easiest path into their chosen profession. The answer depends on the route you are going down but there is no doubt that the standard GCSE maths exam is considered the most difficult and it the most inconvenient due the fact it can only be taken twice a year in specific locations and results take many weeks to be returned. The fastest and easiest route into teaching is via the GCSE maths equivalency test and for other professions it is generally the functional skills.

Will I have to pass a maths test at my PGCE interview?

The short answer is yes, you will need to prepare for your interview and the high possibility of a maths test being presented. The maths test will look to test your fundamental skills such as knowledge of fractions, percentages, decimals and ability to interpret data. You will need to demonstrate a certain level of mental arithmetic ability as well. These are all key skills you will need for your teaching career and to successfully complete professional tasks, even if you are a drama or PE teacher, you will still need to demonstrate these key competencies in maths.

Can you help with other numerical reasoning tests? 

Yes we have a dedicated service for numerical reasoning tests. The QTS Maths Tutor platform is often used for preparation for numerical reasoning tests as our practice tests help you with the basic data interpretation skills as well as understanding of key topics such as percentages and ratio, that are needed for all numerical reasoning tests.

Do you help people in all areas of the country? 

Yes we help people in all areas of the UK pass their teacher training interviews, GCSE equivalency tests and functional skills maths level 2 exam.

Can you help people on the Teach First Graduate Training program? 

Yes everyone who wants to train to become a teacher through the Teach First graduate scheme has to pass a numerical reasoning test. See our numerical reasoning test to help with the Teach First Graduate scheme.

Can you help people with the QTLS route into teaching. 

Yes see more about our QTLS support here.

Numeracy Skills Tests

How to Pass your GCSE Equivalency Test

Remember you only need to take a GCSE equivalency test if you don’t have a GCSE maths, English and science to grade C or level 4. Some course accept GCSE equivalents such as functional skills, but not teacher training course providers or SCITTs.

Prepare for and pass your GCSE Equivalency tests using the QTS service. Firstly, you need to ensure you access the GCSE equivalency past papers and practice tests. These will give you good insight into what comes up in each test. If you are preparing for a GCSE English equivalency test then our sister site, QTS Literacy Tutor can help and you can also get some English practice papers here. If you are preparing for a GCSE maths equivalency test then we can help. To help with the science GCSE equivalency test we recommend the MME service.

21 Maths Tests

21 Maths Tests, to help you prepare for your QTS interview, maths equivalency test and your functional skills maths level 2 exam.

You can practise our tests as many times as you wish. They come with a detailed marking system so you can track your improvement and revise your weaker areas. Everything you need for success in your PGCE interview, maths equivalency test and functional skills maths level 2 exam.
21 Maths Tests


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21 maths tests to help you improve your key maths skills

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